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I love interviewing exceptional entrepreneurs, humanitarians and often the unsung hero’s. I know we each have a gift to share with the world and the interviews I do will highlight some of these individuals.

Dean Lewis is one of those exceptional individuals. He has and is demonstrating courage in spite of huge obstacles put in his path, both as an entrepreneur, his own health journey and in life in general.

Our topic today delves into Dean’s personal story and triumph of overcoming Peripheral Neuropathy one moment at a time. Truly an inspiration. Also, Dean’s story truly illustrates the journey we must all walk to overcome the challenges that become our greatest teachers.

So if you are thinking you don’t have Peripheral Neuropahty and therefor this interview would not be of interest to you then think again. You’ll want to watch this interview with Dean because the lessons, insights and tools that Dean discovered in his journey can serve all of us and provide you with a level of happiness and peace you didn’t know could exist.

In fact Dean and I will be doing a series of videos on topics that spring forth from life challenges. Our next video in the series will cover the deeper implications of self love and how meditation can truly transform your life.

Please leave your comments below. I love hearing what you have to say. Also, opt in for my Self Love Video series. Loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the ripple effect is miraculous.